Online Drug Supply in Australia


With Australia emerging as a leading country in the online drug trade, it has become a scary reality that cocaine, speed, MDMA, cannabis and multiple illegal substances can now be purchased via the net in fast timing.

Quite embarrassingly, Australia has been found to have the second highest concentration of dark net drug dealers per capita, according to a criminology research conducted by the Australian Institute of Criminology.

Some common terms used in the dark net world are:

Dark Net – This term is a description for networks that are not found in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing and are unable to be accessed by the general public members unless they are given special authorization and the correct information required to access.

Dream Market – Drugs make up about half the merchandise on this marketplace and is a leading provider in the darknet.

Australian National University Cybercrime Observatory has estimated in 2017 that there were about 1900 vendors listed on Dream Market.
Some other popular sites are Agora, Pandora, Hydra, Cloud Nine etc.

Online Drug Vendors – These are illegal substance providers that put their merchandise up on the dark web marketplaces to sell, compare them to eBay sellers, except on an illicit and anonymous level.

Cryptocurrencies – A currency that is entirely online and allows for untraceable exchanges, currencies such as Bitcoin are the most well known

TOR (The Onion Router) – This is a system used to distribute information and electronic files over the internet without being traced as it is heavily encrypted and completely anonymous.

So the big question is, how does this all work?

Can the Australian authorities detect you?

For some people the idea of ordering drugs from their own home sounds a lot better than meeting up with a unsavoury character and showing your face, a lot of illicit dealers that are out on the streets are also continuously monitored by the local police, so in a weird way, some people consider purchasing illegal substances via the web ‘safer’.

Using the dark web for the purchase of drugs is a highly anonymous process, with special marketplaces that have hidden locations and untraceable IP addresses, it makes for an virtually impossible trace by online authorities.

There is also no dollars exchanged in this dodgy process, the online provider only will accept bitcoin currency as it financially untraceable and will cut out any risk of incriminating bank records being searched.

For authorities in conclusion, the dark web marketplace for illicit dealing is a hard rock to get by and though while making arrests related to drug supply online, they have yet to dismantle the system.

So how risky is buying drugs online?

There is definitely a risk of being caught if involved, or even if just purchasing through the web store and its not always authorities that you need to worry about.

When it comes to an anonymous drug marketplace, there are situations anywhere from authority detection, fines and possible imprisonment, to not receiving your package at all from the vendor after he/she has taken your money.

As you can imagine, there is not a lot that can be done about this as there is no control over the vendor, all you can do is post a bad review and accept that you’ve lost all that money. As you are also buying from a vendor who you do not know at all, there is also high risk of the drug being mixed and dangerous health consequences following.

There also have been cases of elaborate fake drug supply websites that will suddenly just disappear and take all the buyers money with them. One such case well known was a site called ‘Evolution’ which was the biggest online store for illegal substances, this website completely disappeared one day in 2015 leaving absolutely no trace and having taken millions in digital currencies with them.

It is a serious reminder of the risks involved.

Why is online drug supply so high in Australia?

With internet now the go to place for everything, it was just a matter of time before drug trafficking online would become a reality. With new illicit sites being created continuously and people getting more comfortable with the process, it is an uphill battle for Australian authorities.

A popular Global Drugs survey in 2009 showed 5% of survey responders brought their drugs through the dark web, versus another 2015 survey which showed a 25% increase in that number.

With drug users aware of the crackdown in recent years on drug supply, it has become more necessary to ensure safety during the purchase of these drugs and consequently, quite a few drug consumers believe the answer to that is the dark web.

It is a concern that these underground operations are still functioning, but while they are, it is important to know what is going on and the significant risks involved.

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