Pre Arrest & Charging

This is the most critical phase in the Criminal Justice System where most cases are won or lost. Our early intervention will enforce your rights & minimize any ongoing involvement in criminal cases. We can negotiate your way out of any charges and/or limit any case that might be brought against you to enhance the presentation of the Defense Case in Court.

If you have witnessed or have been in any other way involved in any incident, if you suspect the Police or any other Authority may want to talk with you for any reason, contact us immediately and before you talk about it to anyone whatsoever .This is your fundamental right and the key to ensuring your interests are best protected.

All Advices, Crime Scene Attendances, Negotiating Arrests & Potential Arrests, Negotiating all the Key Factual Matters to be Alleged in Court & Negotiating any Bail Issues & Conditions.


Bail Applications

We provide bail negotiations, full advocacy and a complete suite of implements for lodgment of securities & assurances across all relevant jurisdictions.


Local Court

Our services at this stage can resolve your matter promptly and effectively or cement your defence at Committal for Trial on more serious offences. We can and have on hundreds of occasions both negotiated the complete withdrawal of serious criminal charges and/or for the finalisation of many serious offences in the Local Court wherein the penalties are more limited.

All Bail Applications, Prompt Investigations, Collation and Analysis of Evidences with all Negotiation & Appearance/Advocacy work.


District & Supreme Court in NSW

We have conducted thousands of defended trial charges across these jurisdictions where most serious crime is finalised. Our services at this stage will both consolidate and complement the foundations we lay in the defended Local Court Committal Process.

Full access to the NSW Bar is available if required.

All Appearance/Advocacy, Arraignment & Case Management Work. Pre-Trial Investigation & Negotiations. Appeals from the Local Courts, Interlocutory Work, Trials, Pleas & Sentencing.


Other Courts Commissions & Tribunals Australia

We also practice in the High Court, Federal Court, Parole Courts, Coroners Courts and all Commissions of Enquiry. We will attend any internal Corrective Services hearings and Visiting Justice Proceedings Australia Wide.


Proceeds of Crime & Asset Confiscation

We offer a full range of services in relation to Proceeds of Crime Applications and related asset confiscation and recovery which is a special interest area of the Principal.