RHA Consultancy Company Ltd (Cambodia)

A Unique Series of Events and Related Circumstances led us into 13 years of Experience in Southeast Asia’s Emerging Economies, Networking into the Highest Levels of Key National Authority. We have and will Continue to Utilise our Significant Connections to achieve Effective Resolutions to both Criminal Cases and Business Disputes across all Sectors. We operate out of Phnom Penh Cambodia and throughout the Militarised Family of Emerging Economies in Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar & Indonesia.

As an Incorporated International Business & Legal Consultancy Firm, we also Specialise in International Risk Management, Crisis Leadership, Security, Management & Rescue from these Regions.

We Regularly Engage in some of Australasia’s most High Profile Legal and Media Crisis Situations. As a matter of Practice, most of our Operations are Deliberately kept Away from the Glare of the Media and the Wider Bureaucracy of the Various Countries in which we Operate for Many Varied Reasons.


Frontline Crisis Management was formed in 2005 after a long Private Association by Leading Senior Law Expert Ross Hill and Media & Communication Consultant Sean Mulcahy. Mulcahy and Hill bring an Unrivalled Combination of Specialist Skills to Negotiate, Mediate and where Necessary Arbitrate to Resolve Crisis Situations & Business Disputes throughout the Region.

Merged into Ross Hill & Associates Pte Ltd in 2008 and now RHA Consultancy Company Ltd in 2017, we Operate at the Small-Scale Private End of the Crisis Management Business for a Select group of Clientele & Corporates. We Chose to remain Small & Specialised because of the Highly Sensitive Business Environment, Criminal & Quasi Criminal areas in which we Specialise.


The Resolution Processes in which we Engage in these Emerging Economies, given their Intricacies and Sensitivities, require Secrecy, Confidence, Respect, Trust and the Application of Skills applicable to the Negotiation and Resolution of various issues within the Cultural Milieu. RHA, as Leaders in this Highly Specialised Area, possess all such Qualities & Expertise.

Extensive Experience drawn from Many years of Litigating & Advocating Serious Crime on behalf of Significant Criminal Syndicates and the Related Authorities gives us the Unique Ability to Navigate the various Personalities involved, Envision the Ultimate Goals and Consider & Eliminate Every possible Obstacle to Legitimately Achieve the Ends of our Clients.

These skills are Complimented by Specialised Communications Skills and Media Relations as required, further Buttressed by an Array of the Latest Highly Specialised Technological Equipment’s to Compromise and Render Ineffective those who Seek to Interfere Along the Way.

Essential to the client’s success is the Network of Connections Obtained and Nurtured for Many Years throughout Southeast Asia as well as parts of the Middle East and Africa. Southeast Asia is now the Limit of our Operations as Other parts of the Third World are too Volatile e.g. South America, the Middle East, the former Eastern Bloc & Russia. To Expand further Potentially Breaks the Chain of Confidentiality and Trust by Enlisting Additional Key Team Members Critical to our Operations.

We have gained Significant Respect in the Countries we operate in at the Highest Levels of the Political, Legal and Business Structures given our Right Introductions, Our No-Nonsense Approach, Forthright Manner, Courage and Determination. Our Proven Ability to keep our word is Sacrosanct. It is that Exact same level of Trust and Confidentiality we Expect from our Clients as like Them we are Potentially at Great Risk of Severe Sanction in such Foreign Nations if those Confidences are Broken.

We Operate at All Times within the Structure of the relevant Countries Law, Applicable International Law and Local Customary Practices. If you have a Civil or Criminal dispute in the region, consult us Before you Engage Locally.


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